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Mary DuPrie Photography introduces a compelling set of DVDs that completely detail Mary's approach to working with models. An amazing insight to how and why the successful photos of models work and some photos don't; see how to create industry quality results immediately after viewing the DVDs. Models and Photographers will be amazed at how much information is contained in this set of instructional videos. No matter what level you are at as a model or a photographer who shoots models, this series is a must.

Simply Modeling

This DVD is the
for photographic modeling.
A must have for
every model
and every photographer
who shoots models.



Simply More Modeling

The NEXT DVD in series
detailing everything
models & photographers
working confidently
with photographers
who shoot Models.



This DVD is the
Perfect Guide
for Photographers
to learn how to DIRECT
models with
For Photographers
who shoot models.


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Forgive this rant but I wanted to take a moment and let all your site visitors know what an INCREDIBLE experience your workshop was this weekend. It was truly an honor to be a part of it. The years of knowledge not only in Photoshop and photography imparted upon EACH student but also the posing and composition and lighting and set design. I honestly felt that after even the 1st day, I had gotten my money's worth!!! And we still had 2 days left!!! We ALL left energized and excited and ready to try all that we learned. ALL photographers WILL benefit greatly just by being there. My sincerest thanks again!   Rolly

I just wanted to say how happy I have been with the workshop. Without a doubt it's has been the best one that I have ever attended. I think you and Robert complement each other in such a good way that one cannot help but come away from this being a better photographer. I just want to say Thank You Thank you Thank you. I hope to practice,implement, and  grow from this experience. Thanks for putting on a workshop that really taught and not just put on a show.   Jorge D.
I just wanted to give you a big "THANK YOU!" for putting on such a great workshop.  I knew I could count on you and Robert to deliver the goods.   Alex S.

Thank you for such an enlightening weekend. It rejuvenated me and made me remember why I do what I do. You created a very inviting atmosphere. Positive, comfortable, relaxed, but hardworking and creative. It's hard to put it in words, really. Not often enough do I walk away from something and think, "WOW, what a great experience" as I did with this workshop.

Your skills and professionalism shine through in your work and your passion and enthusiasm for photography is evident. After spending time with you, I can't help but be inspired and motivated to identify my new goals and work towards them.   David T.

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