Mary DuPrie Up Close and Personal
Her amazing secrets to model communication and direction revealed!
In this 120min program learn how to direct models with confidence.
A "Must Have" for every photographer!

"I learned more in two hours watching this DVD than I have in several years of working one-on-one with models. Anyone who shoots models needs this instruction video."
R.S., California


"I shoot models for a living and this is the best insight I could have ever asked for... my work has just gotten 1000% better."
R.L., Illinois


"I wish I would have had this ten years ago."
D.T., Michigan


This is a strictly a performance video on how to direct models,
there are NO lighting instructions nor backdrop building tips on this DVD.

To view a sample of Photographing Models:

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This video is a foundational instruction on how to work with models from the ground up. Starting with the basics of wardrobe selection, Mary points out what is important in order to fulfill the objective of a good model photo session.

This two hour journey covers all the basics and then Mary imposes her wonderful insight which she is so willing to impart. She walks the viewer through her own methods of putting a session together, styling and designing the shoot to fit a particular model and individual direction.

But there is so much more to this video, she also reveals all of her wonderful little tips and tricks using backgrounds, props, communication, methods of instructing a model, model direction, body language, hand placement, and so much more. Her powerful observation of how important hand placement is for the model is reason enough to have this instruction, in her words, "I have seen so many wonderful images ruined just because of the hands."

Mary also uses her own prescription in using this directive tool: "I now have beginner models, or models I am shooting for the first time sit and watch this video, they are so much stronger, more confident when we enter the studio."



Although this video shows some lighting setups while Mary shoots, it is not a lighting instruction.


Whether you've been shooting for a month, a year, or ten years, this is a very informative look at how to get the very best from any model. Here is a list of topics that this video covers:

  • Mary's background & set system.
  • Easy background set up.
  • Mary's "V set" and how to put the model on a wall not just suspended in the middle of the studio floor.
  • Hands, arms, body posing.
  • The angle of the face and where the model should look.
  • Mouth expressions and making the eyes really work.
  • Using gravity in poses, understanding the physics of natural posing.
  • Three points or planes of the posing body: Head, chest, pelvis.
  • The different posing styles: Catalog posing, casual posing, the do's and don'ts.
  • Composing the shot through poses with style.
  • Approach and methods of agency style composition.
  • Freestyle modeling and full length shooting.
And much, much, much more.

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