From as far back as I can remember I have always done things with passion and the intent that it was either right - the best it could be - or I wasn't going to attempt the task at all. I thus put every effort in educating myself whenever a new venture in the creative world would interest me, and off I would go on the journey of "no-holds-barred" self indulgence. I would - and do - immerse myself in every piece of information I find regarding that art form and I educate myself to a point of obsessive demand... then I create the art only as I expect of myself.

My interests have taken me down a path of skills which were all different but uniquely related ironically, and foundationally spirited toward and into my photography. I did not realize that my education in furniture and kitchen design, along with carpentry, would support my ability to create/build studio sets; or that my years of decorative painting, gilding, screen printing, interior design, graphic art, fine art, and holiday design - years of education - would become the force behind my "studio flat panels" used in almost all my studio compositions. Knowing that all this investment also manifested compositional vision and styling confidence - I cannot begin to say that too much education is in any way, "ever too much."

Photography has been the last of these obsessions, my final vestige of creative energy where I am completely absorbed in the technical as well as in the ethereal nature of the art form... I honestly love my photography. I am honored that so many people - models and photographers alike - from all over the world have expressed their approval and desire for my work and have asked for me to either shoot them or teach them.

It is with great excitement that I am teaching this class on how to direct and photograph models, passing along my principles and foundation to my creative approach. Realizing everyone who attends will not have my history, I honestly trust what is learned will only enhance the individual with knowledge and insight that will make them a more enlightened creative photographer when they leave my studio.

Mary DuPrie


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