Friday Evening: 5pm - until.

Instead of just hanging out chit chatting we're going to paint a 6'x8' canvas background. From beginning to end, with my help you'll make a custom canvas background. Similiar canvas backgrounds sell for hundreds of dollars. Yours to take home or I will include shipping if need be.

Saturday: 9am to 6pm

—Saturday Morning
The inexperienced model
Working with one model, Mary will detail the most important aspects of working with moving models to create better image results. Her modeling tips, styling tips, the principle philosophy and foundation to create industry expectations. This lecture/demonstration also covers her approach to lighting and achieving dramatic results from looks/style/light/setting combinations.  

  • Model direction methods
  • Controlling the model
  • The Power of Good Styling
  • Creating good communications
  • Understanding the dialogue

Professional makeup by Tammy Pore.


Saturday: 9am to 6pm - cont.

—Saturday Afternoon
The afternoon is an insight to understanding photographic method modeling, set-up motivated, and everyone shoots. Working up close with Mary, this period is an exercise in model direction with an inexperienced model - Mary will shoot first and then each of the four attendees shoot with Mary assisting. The set-up is changed, lighting changed, new model styling, and you shoot again.

  • What are Body Dynamics in modeling
  • Free-form modeling
  • Getting your model moving
  • Methods of modeling for better images
  • Maximizing image results

In addition, Mary will introduce an experienced model and take the group through shooting: Headshots, Comp card shots, and what is needed for agencies.


Sunday: 9am to 6pm

—Sunday Morning
The experienced model
Everything changes and Mary steps up the energy by introducing the group to experienced model methods. Working with a model who already has skills and methods takes on a whole new flavor. Mary first directs and lectures, taking the group through the approach and regimen, creating new set and new lighting.

—Sunday Afternoon
Everyone shoots, everyone directs, everyone has Mary as a personal tutor and assistant.
Multiple sets, several model looks and styles, varied lighting set-ups, and a plethora of produced images.

There is a maximum of 4 attendees permitted to the two day event, you are going to create some very powerful work. When you leave Mary's studio you'll have a package of images with the knowledge attached for future reference and remembrance. You will leave as a much better photographer.


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